"Jäuda" is a nation in the Baltics, expanding to Russia, and areas such as Poland, Belarus, and Gotland (Sweden). It is a nation created by SunnyKhan688.


In the cold war era, the Baltic SSRS, Belaurus and Northern Poland wanted to become a super state. Then, they got what they wanted, they fought in the cold war with the soviets participating in several wars such as the Vietnam War, and The Gulf War, and Pakistani-Indian wars. It won most of them, after the cold war and USSR's fall/collapse, it took russian land and become a minor power in europe. Economy was growing to the top and still is today.

People's Republic of Jäuda
Communist (People's Republic)
Together as a one power. Together as one nation.
Lai dzīvo mūsu drosmi
Capital Riga
Languages English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Belaurussian, Swedish, Polish
Religion Islam, Catholic, Luthrean
Government CommunistTemplate:Ns0
Historical era Modern Template:Main other
Currency Ramurki
Internet TLD jda (Jäuda)
Calling code +373

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