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Kuwait i/kuːˈweɪt/ (Arabic: دولة الكويت‎), officially the State of Kuwait, is a country in Western Asia. Situated in the northern edge of Eastern Arabia at the tip of the Persian Gulf, it shares borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. As of 2014, Kuwait has a population of 4.1 million people; 1.2 million are Kuwaitis and 2.8 million are expatriates.[5]

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Kuwait was a prosperous trade port.[6][7] Starting in the early 20th century, its regional economic importance declined, and by 1934 Kuwait had lost its prominence in long-distance trade.[8] Kuwait's economy was devastated by several trade blockades.[9] During World War I, the British Empire imposed a blockade against Kuwait because its ruler supported the Ottoman Empire.[10][11] Following the Kuwait–Najd War of 1919–1920, Saudi Arabia maintained a trade blockade against the country from 1923 until 1937.[9][12] In 1990, Kuwait was invaded by Iraq. The Iraqi occupation came to an end in 1991 after military intervention by United States-led forces.

Kuwait is a constitutional emirate with a parliamentary system. Kuwait has a petroleum-based economy. In recent years, the hostile relationship between the parliament and government has hindered the country's development.[13][14] Kuwait is recognized as a high income economy by the World Bank.[15]

All sources from Wikipedia.

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