Parana bandeira
Paraná is a brazilian state in the Sul (south) region. It's area is 199 307,922 km², population is 11 081 692 people and have 399 cities.


The state started to be colonised in the coast by Portugal in XVII century, the capitany of São Vicente. During Iberian Union it expanded further into the continent, reaching Rio da Prata, revealing vast gold mines. When Brazil became independent, Paraná was a part of the province of São Paulo until 1853, when the Province of Paraná was created, with Curitiba as the capitol, because of its strategic localisation, revealed in the Revolução Farroupilha. It became a state during the republic. During the republic, the state suffered the Contestado War (1912-1916, catarinense rebels against brazilian&paranaense army) and the Federalist Revolution (1893-1895, rebels hide in Paraná land illegally). After this time, the state didn't suffer much trouble until the military coup. A lot of people from the state were jailed and tortured during this time. The protests against the military government (Diretas Já), that happened in all the country, started in the capital of Paraná, Curitiba. The state never had an elected president.


Most of the land of Paraná is very fertile, being very important to the economy of the country; in the past it used to produce coffee, but actually the main protuction is soy. The Paraná river crosses its border with Paraguay and Argentina, and also gave the name to the state. The Itaipu usine, shared by Brazil and Paraguay, generates energy using Paraná river, and is one of the biggest hidraulic usines in the world.

Largest Cities

  1. Curitiba
  2. Londrina
  3. Maringá
  4. Ponta Grossa
  5. Cascavel
  6. São José dos Pinhais
  7. Foz do Iguaçu
  8. Colombo
  9. Guarapuava
  10. Paranaguá


  • Londrina and Maringá are large cities, but are close to each other, making them rivals.
  • Paranaguá have one of the largest ports in Brazil, most of the importations and exportations of the south region are made there.
  • JMathias is from that state.

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