About Power Pritt

Power prit

Power Pritt is a glue stick made in Germany (West Germany) in 1969, it started growing in 1971, in 38 countries.

In 1969 the German company Henkel invented the glue stick after studying the "twist-up ease" and convenience of lipstick applicators. The product was released under the Pritt Stick brand. By 1971 the Pritt Stick was being sold in 38 countries, by 2001 in 121.[1] The first solvent free multipurpose glue stick that could be used for other materials (e.g. wood, glass and some plastics) was the "PowerPritt", which was put on the market in 2003. There is also a "Pritt X", launched in 2010.

Glue sticks are made by many brands and each may have different features to it. Various brands, such as Nebuló, Scotch, UHU, Kores, Giotto, Snopake, Bostik U-Stick make glue sticks. Generic brands also manufacture glue sticks, utilising the twist action.

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