Info and Origins

This is a roleplay series made by SunnyKhan688 and ThunderBysk. This is about a series of brothers and wars that they fight in. In episode 1, they start to have a great battle called: The War of the End. Blue won the war by bringing mother back, but if he didn't he would have never won. Sooner or not, they were friends again thanks to Mother coming back. Then later at the end of the episode, Dad comes in and tells where he was. In the beggining of the episode, Red put the switch on of end of the world countdown. It was about to happen, he was hacking several times with blue. Later on more episodes would be added. Mapping nuclear bombs were in the episode when Red used them and Blue used ballistic missles and many tsar bombas nuking and making more nuke products.

Episodes and Seasons

Episode 1, Season 1: The Great Battle of the World.

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