One of SunnyKhan688's Strongest Nations EVER....



The Sahara was formed by Aklaristan in 1885, Aklaristan wanted a colony and decides to sail to Africa. And so The Aklaristanian Army decides to send a medium amount in the Western Sahara to defeat the British and French, then Germany trades with the Nation with Tanks, and Gun Machines, and so Aklaristan defeats the French. And then decides to keep it Independent, and lend some of there Soldiers to the Sahara. The Britsh decide to attack Sahara, but that was one of there worst mistake they made. Germany secretly aids them with more insanely strong weapons. Then the Britsh invade the capital: Al Swahari, but The Army of the Sahara was to insanely strong. And so in World War 1, It was on the Central Power Side, but then when the war was about to be over, it remained neutral. And so was neutral in World War 2. This Nation is sorta like Siezon but they are the same strength.

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