Sindh /sɪnd/ (Sindhi: سنڌ‎ (Perso- Arabic) सिंध (Devanagari)  ; Urdu: سندھ‎ ; Latin: Indus ; Ancient Greek: Ἰνδός Indós ; Sanskrit: सिंधु Sindhu ) is one of the four provinces of Pakistan, located in southern region of the country. Historically home to the Sindhi people, it is also locally known as the Mehran. The name "Sindh" is derived from the Sanskrit Sindhu, a reference to the Indus River that passes almost through the middle of the entire province. This river was known to the ancient Iranians in Avestan as Hindu, in Sanskrit as Sindhu, to Assyrians (as early as the seventh century BC) as Sinda, to the Persians as Ab-e-sind, to the Greeks as Indos, to theRomans as Indus, to the Pashtuns as Abasind, to the Arabs as Al-Sind, to the Chinese as Sintow, and to the Javanese as Santri.

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Sindh is bounded to the west by Balochistan Province, to the north by Punjab Province, to the east by the Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan and to the south by the Arabian Sea. The provincial capital and largest city of the province is Karachi, which is also Pakistan's largest city and the country's only financial hub. Most of the population in the province is Muslim, with sizable Hindu, Ahmadiyya, Christian, Parsi and Sikh minorities.

Geographically, it is the third largest province by size with a diverse industrialized economy and strong emphasis on manufacturing, education and agriculture development. Distinguish for its local culture, diverse geographyranges from Kirthar Mountains to sandy desert landscape to Arabian Sea to the south, its climate is noted for its hot summer and mild winters. Major fruit and vegetables produced in Pakistan are now grown in Sindh and exported to other parts of the country.[6][7][8]

All sources from Wikipedia.

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