Hello new user! Today you can contact for help if you need! Contact any of this list!

This is also known as, "The army of the Great Mapperdonian Wiki".

Amount of staff/army is 17.


SunnyKhan688 (General Captain)

Admins (7)

  • Thunder Mapping (Co-Founder)
  • Xenoblade
  • Flaming Ninja Mapping
  • Asdf Mapping
  • Phillip Mapping the 2
  • Miguelhdzb
  • Polandball421
  • Ceplio
  • JMathias23

Chatmods (4)

  • Peter Mapping
  • Batran99
  • EmprorCheeseBritannia
  • Firesofdoom

Moderators (3)

  • Kebab Master Lel AKA Mxicoball lel
  • PillowMapping
  • MrOwnerandPwner

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