The Seven Stars of the World is a novel written by EmprorCheesecakes. It is about a world with Axis domination, similar to that of 'The Man in the High Catsle' written by Phillip K. Dick.


The world.. is in chaos. The World War Two Axis Powers: Japan, Italy and Nazi Germany, have dominated the World. But how did this all happen? This is what your going to see in the book. No United Nations. No European Union. Just Axis dominance.

Chapter One: Dark Truth

Another fine day in 1939 August. The perfect time to sit back and relax. The United Kingdom was as eased and happy as ever. France enjoyed it's freedom, being a republic, again. The Soviet Union's people were working as always. Communism never seemed to leave the country? Nazi Germany however, would sit there, in Central Europe, looking towards their neighbours, constantly grinning and ducking her head against them. France and her allies were not to sure of this, mobilizing their army, just in case of another war. The United Kingdom orders France to stop immediately. However, France denies and sends a mass troops to the Franco-German border. Nazi Germany, on the other hand, sees no point in fighting. Yet. August passes. September is here. September 2nd to be exact. and that was it. Nazi Germany surprised the World by attacking an irrelevant country, Poland. France immediately declares war to Germany, advancing in Baden. Britain decides to ignore this movement and cuts off supplies to France. The French are now completely vulnerable. Nazi Germany, doing quite well by themselves, takes back the captured land in Baden and enters France. Poland is now down with Warsaw capitulating. Just as Poland thinks things couldn't get worse, The Soviet Union declares war and attacks Poland Simultaneously. Poland sees no reason to continue the fight and is about to give up. Yugoslavia, the Benelux countries, Norway and Denmark as well as Switzerland, declare their neutrality in the war.

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