This is a timeline of our wikis history.

still heavily work in progress.


Era of beginning

May 13 2014 - December 7th 2014

  • Sunny makes the wiki in May when He was not a mapper
  • The wiki gets its first users in Augest
  • The wiki finally gets active after The Great Sleep (May 13 - June 6th)
  • A conflict happens againest Obanguntu, Mapmaker and Sunny win
  • Later on, the wiki shortly changes

Era of growth

December 2014 -present

  • April 5th: Sunny creates the Democratic Awards of The Great Mapperdonian Wiki
  • April 19th: Olimario says the best way to prevent inactivity is to add pages about mappers' series.
  • May 1st : Winston Mapper creates the Month Pages
  • May 3rd : The Democratic Awards of The Great Mapperdonian Wiki have been lessed. Now they will end on June 16th.

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