Usphoria is a mapgame co-hosted by KJACK1111 And SUNNYKHAN6888, A sci-fi map game designed to bring the wiki together.

Usphoria is set in the universe, where trillions upon trillions of galaxy's are there, Waiting for you to conquer.


Owners: Sunnykhan And kjack

Mapmaker: ?

Mods/Admins: Sunnykhan and kjack

Helpers: ?

Turn Order


Turn Pattern

This is a example, DO NOT USE IT.

Goverment: The agario's parliament pass's a law that turns the union into a despotic monarchy, angering a majority of the citizens.

Economy: The economy, Taking a downfall after the law, plunges a majority of agario's population into poverty, Resulting in less income, Resulting in a even-more crumbling agarian state.

Diplomacy: Nations quickly cut ties hearing the news, Leaving agario ally less and at the mercy of the bigger "Qurti Syndicate".

Age 1

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