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June 2015: Fidel Castro is assassinated by FlyingHatSoldier8531

August 2015: FlyingHatSoldier8531 forces Fidel's brother to make him leader by threatening to nuke Havana if he doesn't

September 2015: FlyingHatSoldier8531 converts Cuba to Capitalism and Cuba forms a Republican party

October 2015: Cuba invades Haiti

November 2015: Cuba makes an alliance with the United States of America

December 2015:  Cuba frees all their American slaves

January 2016: The United States and Cuba declare war on Mexico

February 2016: Mexico is annexed and split between the United States and Cuba

March 2016: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is reformed when Putin invades Russia's lost land causing Cuba to join NATO

April 2016: Dominican Republic becomes Communist and forms an alliance with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic

May 2016: The Cuban Missile Crisis happens a second time, but instead of the missiles aiming at the US, they're aiming at Dominican Republic

June 2016: There is a Resistance group in China called the Zibenjia Egg Rolls that want to overthrow the Communist Chinese government, so Cuba supports this group

July 2016: The United States and Cuba declare war the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.

August 2016: The Zibenjia Egg Rolls overthrow the Chinese government and turn it Capitalist, so China allies with the United States and Cuba.

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