1000px-Flag of Germany.svg Map of Greater German Reich German Empire Map-2-

August 2015 Angela Merkel is voted out of office for unknown reasons and Germany's new chancellor becomes Tacosia12.

September 2015 Tacosia12 invades Denmark to show the nations of Europe Germany's true power.

October 2015 Germany annexes Denmark and forcefully annexes the Sudetenland which wages war with the Czech Republic.

November 2015 Germany soon then disbands the EU and leaves NATO.

December 2015 Germany fixes all their economic problems and start to build up their military. Also after two months of war, the Czech Republic surrenders causing their annexation.

January 2016 Germany soon anschlusses Austria which is okay with the Austrian people.

February 2016 Germany invades Poland to regain lost clay from WW1.

March 2016 The German chancellorship is soon disbanded and Germany becomes an absolute monarchy under Tacosia12.

April 2016 The German Empire is formed after annexing their old clay.

May 2016 To celebrate the king's birthday, the king takes a tour of France. However, some man named Nevil de Gaulle attempts to assassinate the king, but fails. The French police and government do nothing about this crisis.

June 2016 Exactly one month after the attempted assassination, the German Empire declares war on France.

July 2016 France surrenders ceding Germany French Guiana and Alsace-Lorraine.

August 2016 Germany soon allies with Great Britain, the US and the rest of the western world, except for France.

September 2016 Germany instead of holding the EU, proposes the Global Commonwealth of Independent States between Germany, UK, USA and the rest of NATO wishing to disband the NATO.

October 2016 The NATO is disbanded and the GCoIS becomes a global power. Germany also invades its former colonies (Namibia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Togo and Cameroon.

November 2016 Germany annexes their former colonies and then annexes the Netherlands under huge Dutch request.

December 2016 Germany breaks its alliance with Italy and Switzerland.

January 2017 Germany annexes Switzerland and South Tyrol from Italy.

February 2017 Germany annexes Luxembourg due to the high German population and invades Belgium.

March 2017 Germany annexes Belgium and forms the Greater German Reich.

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