August 26th: EmprorCheesecakes becomes King and transforms Britain into a Nationalist Kingdom called the United Nationalist Kingdoms (UNK).

October 1: The United Nationalist Kingdom is ordered to invade Ireland and Belgium.

October 2: The UNK drops out of the EU and NATO.

October 20: Ireland and Belgium are annexed. And they sign a Non aggresion pact with the majority of the EU.

October 25: The United Nationalist Kingdom invades Denmark and Norway and Iceland.

November 23: Both countries are annexed. France is invaded.

December 24: France is defeated by Christmas, the Western European Empire is established.

December 31: On New Years Eve, Russia and China are given an alliance. Both accept.


January 16: Spain is invaded and a Fascist Dictatorship takes over Portugal. Portugal joins the WEE.

March 5: Spain Surrenders and is annexed.

March 30: Former colonies are annexed. The United States are worried. The Britannic Empire is established.

April 14: Britain over takes everyone in Nuclear Stockpiles.

August 31: The rest of Africa is forced into the Empire. Europa-Afrika is Founded.

September 19: The EU countries join Europa Afrika.

September 30: Asia and Europa-Afrika join to from the Afro-Eurasian Union, the capital in London


July 1: South America is Taken, The World Federation is proclaimed.

December 2: All other countries join, except the United States.

December 4: The United States is Invaded and Nuked constantly. It falls in just 2 days.

December 5: The World United Kingdom is founded with it's Capital in London.

Skipped to 2098

August 2: The reigning monarch, EmprorCheesecakes, dies due to natural causes. The United World Kingdom is broken down slowly and by November 30, is disbanded entirely.

August 3: The Western European Empire (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Ireland, the UK, Norway, Benelux countries, Andorra, Monaco, Vatican City, San Marino, Denmark, Iceland, and Greenland) Continues to stand.

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