• June 2015: Sunny get's elected as Prime Minster of Pakistan and makes Pakistan have a democratic socialist

    Flag of Pakistan

  • July 2015: Sunny visits the poor areas of Pakistan and gives money to the poor and helps get engineers to build buildings, making many jobs across the entire country.
  • Augest 2015: 79% of corruption is cured in Pakistan, at night from space looks like Germany with extra lights.
  • September 2015: Sunny gets a new rule to track corrupt cops or people with jobs to see if they are or arn't. By having suvarselse cameras and also report by papers and news.
  • October 2015: Sunny gives rights to Christains and makes a speech and responding to all muslims that no matter if they arn't muslims, they are still human and created by Allah. Most muslims decide to agree.
  • November 2015: The economy boosts up like a rocket up in the sky, with more plans, and also more trading agreements, and many more.
  • December 2015: Pakistan and India want to finish the crisis once and for all in Kashmir, letting the people vote and choose what to pick: Independent, India, or Pakistan.
  • January 2016: Results come in from Kashmir, 40% want Independency, 50% want to be with Pakistan due to it having mulitple changes, 10% with India.
  • Febuary 2017: Kashmir is ceded to Pakistan (except for Chinese areas)
  • March 2018: The Taliban is defeated in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • April 2016: Pakistan decides to make more peace with people in Forgein Countries.
  • May 2016: People wanted new provinces such as the South Punjabis, making the state South Punjab with the capital as Multan.
  • June 2016: Pakistan prepares for more peace missions in Africa, such as Somalia, Burundi, DRC Congo, etc.
  • July 2016: Youtube is offically unblocked from youtube and is a better restricted place

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