Flag of Panama.svg

Flag of Panama


May: The current president is killed in a terrorist attack, and new elections are called for

July:Tao64, running for president as part of the PRD is inaugurated

July:Tao64 decides to develop a standing military purely for self defense and the aid of it's allies.

July: Tao64 formally asks for an alliance with the USA. They accept.

August: Tao64 expands the Panama Canal. Meanwhile Tao64 promotes industries, and the economy grows rapidly.

September-December: Tao64 continues to expand the military, and sends its forces to help its neighbors deal with crime, and the police cracks down on corruption. Panama extends a hand of friendship to all the Central American states and Mexico.


January: Tao64 condemns the Cuban-Mexican war and cuts relations with Cuba and the USA for a short while, and provides shelter to Mexican refugees and politicians. Panama joins BRICS to improve relations with China, Brazil, and the other members.

February: Stops the cutting of relations after mexico's defeat, but protests the invasion. Panama forms a protective alliance with Columbia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatamala. Tao64 supports a coup in Venezuela. The coup succeeds, and the new Republic of Venezuela joins the alliance, named the Central American alliance of Mutual assistance and cooperation and is meant to be an economical as well as political and military organization. With this trade improves drastically, and Brazil soon joins the alliance as well. Panama builds the prototype of its first tank, named the Model 1. It is approved for production and the industry proves it's worth as 40 tanks are built within the month, and the production is just getting started. Panama recognizes the PRC and encourages the other alliance members to do the same, which they do.

March: An alliance with China is formed, and Tao64 cuts relations to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, and the USA

July: Panama shows concern at Germany's aggression, and calls for sanctions from allies.

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