Back then, Sunny made the wiki in 2014. But it was different, and had nothing about mapping, until he came to the TFOE wiki. then changed the wiki alot few months later, it was originally called "Sunnykhan688 wiki". Until Sunny renamed it and made big changes, which made the wiki way popular than ever. But the wiki still isn't very active much.

So what if all of that would have never happened?

  1. The Wiki would be a ded wiki, but since Sunny joined the TFOE wiki, he got way more intersted in that, instead of working on this wiki and making it better
  2. The wiki would only have 6 users, or less. Since only just a few people were in it and nobody edited much.
  3. There would be no chat.
  4. All of the pages would only be 10 pages.

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